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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

The Wuhan Virus Reminds Us: Liberalism is Bad for Your Health

As of this writing, according to Real Clear Politics’ “Coronavirus Tracker,” Europe has been the hardest hit by the Wuhan virus pandemic. Of course, several factors have made this the case, but I believe, and multiple reports confirm, that there is little doubt that one of the biggest reasons why Italy, Spain, France, Germany, et al have suffered so from this virus is because the average European is so much older than most of the rest of the world.

Time and again over the last few weeks we’ve seen and heard how the Wuhan virus is much more dangerous for the elderly. All over the world, the death rates for older adults reveal this to be true. As Business Insider, and more recently Vox, reveal, the older you are, the more deadly is the Wuhan virus.

By median age, Europe is easily the world’s oldest continent. Seven of the European nations hardest hit by the Wuhan virus rank in the top 40 (out of 230) in median age. Additionally, of the nine European nations with more than 100 Wuhan virus deaths, each of them is in the world’s top 25 when it comes to the percentage of their population age 65 or older. However one looks at it, it’s clear that Europe is an old continent, and this is one of the reasons why the Wuhan virus has hit it harder than much of the rest of the world.

This begs the question: Why is Europe so much older than the rest of the world? Again, there are a variety of reasons for this, but one reason in particular is because Europe is simply not having enough children. Compared to other continents, Europe has the world’s lowest fertility rates. Compared to individual nations, Spain and Italy are nearly at the bottom when it comes to fertility rates.

So why isn’t Europe having children? A UK Vogue article from last year provides us with an anecdotal answer that I believe demonstrates what is widely believed across Europe. In a piece entitled “Not All Women Want To Be Mothers,” Dr. Peggy Drexler declares that one reason for this is that children are “bad for the planet.” She goes on, “Science has long stated that having a child is pretty much the worst thing you can do for the environment; one study out of Sweden found that having one fewer child per family can save nearly 60 tons of carbon-equivalent emissions a year.”

Along with being highest in age and lowest in birthing rates, Europe also is easily the world’s “greenest” continent. European nations dominate the top of the Environmental Performance Index (EPI). Of the nine European nations with more than 100 Wuhan virus deaths, each of them is in the top 18 out of 180 (top 10%) in the latest EPI. In other words, the left-wingers that dominate Europe’s electorate and state houses have long been sold on the man-made global warming/climate change scam. This has turned them into an old and aging continent, and thus they are more vulnerable to a wide variety of attacks.

Though the Wuhan virus is terrible for humanity, many on the left think that it’s great for the planet. The climate kooks at CNN recently declared, “There’s an unlikely beneficiary of coronavirus: the planet.” As if there was some coordination in their messaging, the same day, USA Today asked, “Could the coronavirus actually be saving lives in some parts of the world because of reduced pollution?” Why would anyone want to put such fools in charge of our nation’s healthcare?!

Unsurprisingly, warmists also want to blame climate change for the Wuhan virus. Ron Klain—former Chief of Staff to Vice Presidents Al Gore and Joe Biden and Obama’s “Ebola Czar”—recently concluded,
There is one more thing we can do to reduce the risk of spread from animals to humans, and that’s combat climate change. Climate change is driving this problem to some extent. … Climate change has a lot, a lot, a lot of bad effects. What we don’t think about very often is it’s a driver of these epidemics, but it certainly makes our risks go up on this planet.
Of course, to many American leftists, “combating climate change” means enacting the Green New Deal. While millions of Americans are chomping at the bit to get our fabulous fossil-fueled economy rolling again, warmists like Joe Biden think the Wuhan virus pandemic provides an excellent opportunity for pushing the agenda of the Green New Deal. As if the Wuhan virus hasn’t been hard enough on our economy, Biden and his ilk want to spend trillions more on this leftist boondoggle.

What’s more, it turns out a number of the left’s favorite “green” habits have proven deadly during this pandemic. As John Nolte at Breitbart put it,
[H]ow smart does urban living, mass transit, open borders, reusable straws, reusable grocery bags, reusable water bottles, gun restrictions, over-regulated housing, using the Centers for Disease Control to fight gun violence, and outsourcing to China look now?
Nolte adds,
What do these environmental loons think? That the whole idea of disposable items was just for laughs?...No, the reason disposable items became so popular was sanitation. What could be safer than removing a straw from a sealed paper sleeve? Those straws are now outlawed in California.

What could be safer than single-use grocery bags where you throw away that leaked meat juice instead of carrying it around until you finally throw the bags in the wash? Those single-use bags are now banned in eight states, including New York, whose ban took effect on March 1.
But wait just an ironic minute! Only days ago, Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker announced a ban on reusable shopping bags. Gov. Baker declared, “From now on, reusable bags are prohibited and all regulations on plastic bag bans are lifted.” This was necessary because the city of Boston—and almost certainly many other Massachusetts municipalities—had a ban on disposable, single-use shopping bags.

As Michael Graham of the Boston Herald noted, “What’s happened is that workers in grocery stores are complaining about the filthy, germ-infested reusable bags they’re being asked to stick their arms into on the front lines of the coronavirus crisis.” These moronic bans exist because for so many on the left, as Graham rightly concludes, “science comes second. Politics comes first.”

Speaking of science and politics, like most other diseases, it seems that the Wuhan virus discriminates. A recent report out of Italy revealed that men were nearly three times more likely to die from the Wuhan virus than were women. The LA Times also reports that the Wuhan virus mortality numbers out of Italy are very much in line with what is happening in China and South Korea.

Additionally, the LA Times reveals that, according to a pediatric infectious disease specialist, there’s evidence that strongly suggests “that there’s something about estrogen that protects against the ravages of deadly coronaviruses.” Also, Kent Pinkerton, Professor of Pediatrics at UC Davis suspects that our response to the Wuhan virus reveals “important distinctions between the way that men’s and women’s immune systems fight infection,” and that “hormonal differences may be playing a key role in that immune response.”

Imagine that! There are differences between males and females—in matters of life and death, no less! Yet according to the dogma of the left, male and female are merely social constructs foisted upon the culture by the “unwoke.” Today’s leftists have so embraced this wickedness that we have fake females (males) taking trophies from girls and women, women claiming to be fathers, people threatened with arrest or job loss because of pronoun “misuse,” Drag Queen story time, taxpayers being forced to fund what is medically impossible, and supposed champions for women who can’t define what is a woman.

How long before these immoral malcontents force “gender neutral” demands on medical research and drug development? Remember, along with abortion-on-demand, which is so deadly that it has killed well over 60 million of the most innocent and vulnerable Americans—the unborn—the American left has also fully embraced the dangerous and extremely unhealthy LGBT agenda. All of this evil is courtesy of the modern left and the political party that they run. Again, why would anyone want to put these fools in charge of battling a pandemic or our nation’s healthcare?! Liberalism is not only dangerous, it is deadly. Remember this every time you vote!

(See this column at American Thinker.)

Copyright 2020, Trevor Grant Thomas
At the Intersection of Politics, Science, Faith, and Reason.
Trevor is the author of the The Miracle and Magnificence of America

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