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Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Don’t Look for “Moderates” in a Mob

With the recent and sudden surge of Joe Biden in the democrat’s presidential primary, the liberal mob that runs the modern Democrat Party want Americans to believe that they have shunned extremism, and now have a palatable “moderate” on the verge of leading their party into the November elections. Don’t be fooled. With his recent “nasty” display in front of the U.S. Supreme Court, Senator Chuck Schumer—the democrat’s Senate Minority Leader—again reminded us that there are few, if any, “moderates” left in today’s Democrat Party.

Senator Schumer’s direct threat to Supreme Court Justices aside, the fact that the democrats are almost completely bereft of moderates should have been clear long ago. Recall, almost exactly a year ago, 44 Senate democrats—including Schumer and all six Senate democrats who were vying to become President of the United States—voted against the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act. In other words, these so-called “moderates” voted to protect what could only be described as infanticide.

Again, no one should’ve been surprised by this. For decades the “party of death” has dehumanized the unborn and argued against protecting the most innocent and helpless among us, even when they escaped death in their mother’s womb. In order to further their wicked sexual agenda, democrats at the highest levels have taken some of the most radically gruesome views of life in the womb. Thus, it should also come as little surprise that those who would take such views have resorted to mob tactics in order to further their evil objectives.

As I have noted on multiple occasions, nearly two decades ago, no less than Barack Obama, himself, took a position on children who survived abortion that can only be described as infanticide. Obama, while a member of the Illinois state Senate, opposed multiple versions of an Illinois bill that mirrored the federal Born-Alive Infants Protection Act (BAIPA).

In 2001, the Illinois legislature took up a bill that was patterned after the federal BAIPA. Obama voted against this bill in committee. On the floor of the Illinois Senate, he later gave the only speech against the bill, saying, “I mean, it—it would essentially bar abortions, because the equal protection clause does not allow somebody to kill a child, and if this is a child, then this would be an antiabortion statute.” Because, of course, we need the “equal protection clause” to tell us that we shouldn’t kill our children.

In the 1990s, Bill Clinton twice vetoed a bill banning the gruesome—and unnecessary—practice known as partial-birth abortion. It took the election of George W. Bush to turn such a bill into law. After the ban on partial-birth abortion was narrowly upheld (5-4) by the U.S. Supreme Court, then Senator Obama denounced this SCOTUS decision. In 2008, Presidential candidate Obama promised to sign the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA).

As Rich Lowry pointed out in 2012,
[FOCA] would enshrine in federal law a right to abortion more far-reaching than in Roe v. Wade and eliminate basically all federal and state-level restrictions on abortion. This isn’t a point its supporters contest; it’s one they brag about. The National Organization for Women says it would “sweep away hundreds of anti-abortion laws [and] policies.”
With such wicked thinking long dominating today’s Democrat Party, why is anyone surprised that a politician devoted to protecting the “right” to kill the most innocent and helpless among us—the unborn—would go so far as to threaten Justices who are seen as a threat to this so-called “right?” When Schumer threatened Justices Gorsuch and Kavanaugh, he knew his audience. He was simply employing the oft-used language of angry pro-abortionists.

Likewise, it should also come as no surprise that Senator Schumer would use the language frequently employed by truth-hating liberals on college and university campuses throughout the U.S. Encouraged and led on by the “educated” liberal elites—who are nothing if not cheerleaders and propagandists for today’s Democrat Party—for years now, all across American campuses, millions of young self-worshipping ignorant fools have been perfecting their mob tactics.

Today, campus conservative speakers—especially Christian conservatives—often face harassment, threats—like those Schumer hurled at Gorsuch and Kavanaugh—and sometimes actual violence. Schumer’s recent actions almost certainly guarantee that such mob tactics will continue.

Whether these campus cronies, Black Lives Matters, angry vegans, Antifa fascists, pro-abortion radicals, intolerant LGBT bullies (who are now so nasty that they’re driving out their own), greedy socialists, and the like, such thugs are rampant within today’s Democrat Party. Thus—whether Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Bernie Sanders, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Maxine Waters, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and so on—the leaders of these thugs are often prone to using thuggish and mob-like language and tactics.

Joe Biden as the democrat’s presidential nominee is not going to change this. In other words, Joe Biden is no “moderate.” As Chris Stigall at Townhall recently noted,
Biden wants huge tax hikes, open borders, limitless abortion, and trillions in spending on a man-made climate change hoax that proudly destroys good-paying energy jobs.

Oh, and he wants to put Beto O’Rourke in charge of gun control. Yes, the same Beto O’Rourke who said the government simply “wouldn’t allow” certain legal firearms any longer. “Yes, we’re going to take your guns,” he said proudly in a 2019 debate.
Jonathon Mosely, who once helped run a campaign against Biden, has spent hundreds of hours chronicling Biden’s radical liberalism. Last year, Mr. Mosely published a list revealing Biden’s liberal credentials. Some of his lowlights:

  • Biden was then the third most liberal U.S. senator, according to The National Journal, based on Biden’s 2006 voting record. Biden's U.S. Senate votes were rated more liberal than Ted Kennedy's.
  • Biden earned an “F” (11%) from the National Taxpayers Union for his Senate votes in 2006, as a “Big Spender.”
  • Biden voted to provide social benefits to illegal aliens in May 2006.
  • Biden supported a path to citizenship for illegal aliens.
  • Biden received an “F” from the National Rifle Association.
  • Biden received a rating of 16% by the Christian Coalition for his anti-family voting record.
  • Biden voted to allow gun-manufacturers to be sued by trial lawyers.
  • Biden was given a 32% approval rating from the United States Chamber of Commerce, indicating an anti-business voting record.
  • Biden voted against parental notification before underage girls have abortions (which could be covering up statutory rape by older men).
  • Biden was the most pro-abortion senator in the U.S. Senate, not only for his beliefs, but because of his relentless manipulation of the confirmation process for judges, to frustrate the will of the American people, and his distortion of the legal system to promote abortion.
  • Biden led the left-wing political lynching of Robert Bork in the Senate Judiciary Committee.
  • Biden received a 0% rating from the National Right to Life Committee for his votes during the 107th Congress.
What’s more, like Bernie Sanders, Biden has embraced the socialist fantasy that is the “Green New Deal.” He’s recently said that he would be willing to sacrifice hundreds of thousands of American jobs in the fossil fuel industry in order to “transition to a green economy.” However, as Kevin Williamson recently put it, Biden’s no socialist, just “a scoundrel,”—or, if you prefer, “a vicious partisan, a coward, and a habitual liar.” Put another way, Biden is right at home in the mob that is the modern Democrat Party.

None of these fools deserve to be in political power, especially not as the President of the United States. 

(See this column at American Thinker.)

Copyright 2020, Trevor Grant Thomas
At the Intersection of Politics, Science, Faith, and Reason.
Trevor is the author of the The Miracle and Magnificence of America

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