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Abortion/Pro-Life (old)

For the most part, the articles/columns linked below appear in chronological order, beginning with the earliest, for each year listed. 


Paul Ryan Pledges to Defund Planned Parenthood
Iowa Rep. Introduces Fetal Heartbeat Bill
Trump to Defund Intnl. Planned Parenthood?
Planned Parenthood Lies About Prenatal Care
"Imaginary" Heartbeats, Fake Babies, & Abortion Science
Why the Left Fears Ultrasound Technology
Ultrasound: The Anti-Science Left's Bugaboo
Planned Parenthood's Most Misleading Statistic
When Pro-Abortionists Deny Science & Common Sense
Women the Abortionists Don't Want You to Hear About
Mike Pence First Sitting VP to Address March for Life
Trump Admn. Prominent at March for Life
"A New Dawn for Life in America"
Contrast the March for Life & the "Nasty" Feminazi March
Life is Winning
How Abortion Activists Hijacked Feminism
Pro-Life is Pro-Woman
Biology of the Abortion-Breast Cancer Link
Unborn Babies: "Fetal Refugees"
Abortion and the Banality of Evil
Planned Parenthood Had Dead Baby Quotas
Christians and Embryo Adoption
The Many Lies of Abortion
How Many Abortions Have You Paid For?
Disgusting: Teen Vogue Promotes "Abortion Gifts"
About Those Abortion "Exceptions"
A Day Without a Woman Inside Planned Parenthood
Science AGAIN Confirms: Human Life Begins at Fertilization
Hawaii Abortionists Could Soon Sue Pro-Life Churches
Pro-Abortionists Stage Mock Abortion of Baby Jesus in Front of Church
Roe v. Wade Is NOT a "Superprecedent"
Democrat Senator Uses Nazis to Promote Abortion
California Persecutes Pro-Life Journalists
CA Wants to Jail Pro-Lifers for Committing Journalism
Mike Pence Cast Deciding Senate Vote to Allow States to Defund Planned Parenthood
The Long Shadow of Roe Haunts the Supreme Court Debate
Truth vs. "Pro-Choice"
Everyone Thinks the Unborn Are Persons
Cruel to be Kind
Healing After Abortion
Scamming the Pro-Life Movement
More Planned Parenthood Horror
Pennsylvania Principal Attacks Pro-Life Teens
Trump's First 100 Days are the Most Pro-Life Ever
Preaching a "Gospel of Death"
The Family Jewels
Abortion: Stories Women Tell
No, Jesus Wouldn't Kill Babies in the Womb
Abortion Ghouls
Abortion Clinics Avoid the Word "Abortion"
Sadistic Abortionists Again Exposed
The Abortion-Breast Cancer Link


One Can Be Pro-Life and Pro-Gun
Abortion Kills Two Hearts
Newsweek Misleads on Abortion
Killing Babies
The 7 Fundamental Lies Behind Roe v. Wade
Pro-Life: Science & Hope Are On Our Side
When Abortion Stopped Making Sense
Methodists, Tom Oden, & Abortion
Anglicans Celebrate, Protect, and Honor Life
Madness: Planned Parenthood Skates, Pro-Lifers Indicted
Planned Parenthood Videos Testify to the Ugly Truth
Planned Parenthood's Terrible Precedent
Biology of the Abortion-Breast Cancer Link
30 Studies Reveal: Abortion Harms Women's Mental Health
The Roe You Don't Know
Dead Things Don't Grow
Pro-Life is Pro-Woman & Abortion is Pro-Nobody
Corrupt Planned Parenthood Study in TX
Pro-Abortionists Have Lost Their Minds
Abortion Apologists Lose It Over Doritos Ad
What Will the Culture of Death Do Next?
(Mis)Conception of Life
Wisconsin Defunds Planned Parenthood
Abortion Industry Survives by Endangering Women
Those Who Choose Life Don't Have Regrets
Abortionist Appeals to Jesus
Girls Just Want to Be Born
"Baby" vs. "Fetus:" Terminology Matters
Florida Defunds Planned Parenthood
Can You be Pro-Choice & Anti-Slavery?
Trump's Abortion Answer a Betrayal of Pro-Lifers
"Baby" vs. "Fetus:" Why Terminology Matters
Healing After Abortion
The Abortion Debate Democrats Fear
Surprise! Life Does Begin At Conception
Watch: Pro-Abortionists On Anti-Pro-Life Rant
Abortion & Personhood
They Supported Abortion--Until They Saw This Video
Embryonic Stem Cell Fail: Research Firm Goes Under
The Culture of Death's Love Story?
UN Declares Abortion a Human Right
Hillary: My Campaign "Belongs To" Abortionists
Abortionists (at Planned Parenthood) Defend Islamists
Satanic Temple Joins Forces With Planned Parenthood
SCOTUS Continues to Oppress the Unborn
No-Gun List? How About a No-Abort List?
Planned Parenthood Videos Reveal the Truth
The Party of Death is Afraid to Say "Abortion"
Democrats Cheer Abortion
Abortion Turns Women Into Bullies
NFL's Ben Watson: Planned Parenthood Was Created to Kill Black Babies...And It's Working
Hillary, Methodism, & Abortion
Keep Abortion Stigmatized
If Planned Parenthood Had Its Way, Simone Biles Would Be Dead
Still "Pro-Choice" After This?
Abortion Apologists Celebrate Death
Hillary: You Must Pay for Abortions, or Else
Yes, Let's Base Abortion Laws on Science
Mother Teresa: Every Abortion is a Rejection of Jesus
Trump Commits to Broad Pro-Life Agenda
Bringing Life While Others Celebrate Death
Old Hollywood's Abortion Secret
Hillary's Hyde Amend. Horror
Hillary Supports Unlimited, Tax-Funded Abortions
Warren Buffet Has Donated Billions to Pro-Abortion Groups
Companies that Support Planned Parenthood
Hillary Defends Partial Birth Abortion
The Truth About Hillary's Ghastly Abortion Views
Celebrate Planned Parenthood with a "Post-Birth Abortion"
OB-GYN: No Medical Situation Requires Killing 3rd Trimester Baby
Hollywood Lib: Abortion a "Human Right"
Carrying My Disabled Son Did Not Give Me the Right to Take His Life
Yes, Late Term Abortions Happen Regularly
Pro-Abortionists Hate Tom Price as Head of HHS
Golden Age of Mass Delusion
French Courts Censure Pro-Life Video
Ohio Legislature Pass U.S.'s Strongest Pro-Life Legislation
Pro-Life Teacher Fired
Lie of the Year: Abortion Clinics Are Safe
How Abortion Clinics Endanger Women
Dr. Dobson: Gov. Kasich's Actions on Abortion Bill "Cowardice and Shameful"
Texas to Defund Planned Parenthood
Fetal Surgery Reveals Insanity of Abortion


The Abortion Distortion
Abortion Video Changing Minds
Celebrating Death
Mario Cuomo's Bloody Abortion Legacy
Meet the GOP's "Abortion Barbie"
Libs Upset Federal Abortion Funding Halted
The Many Lies of Abortion
Fetal Pain is Grounded in Science
Aborting Black America
Key Abortion Question
"Planned Parenthood is worse than ISIS"
ACLU Sues to Force Abortions
10 Abortion Myths Debunked
POWERFUL Pro-Life Song
Abortion's about "Freedom, Equality?"
Christians Working at an Abortion Clinic?
Powerful: Child of Rape Testimony
Amazing Photos!: Baby Born at 19 weeks
Selma March for "Reproductive Rights?"
Thank God for Abortion Providers?
Abortionist Sanger Praised in Christianity Today?
The Science of Fetal Pain
"Christian" Abortionist Spreads His "Ministry"
Liberals, Abortion, & Sex Trafficking
Should Pro-Lifer's be Nice?
Liberals Seek Tax $$ for Abortion
Judge Tells Woman She Should've Had an Abortion
The True Face of Abortion
Kansas Bans Dismemberment Abortion
Paul Exposes the Media on Abortion
Babies Left to Die After Failed Abortions
The Real Abortion Extremists
Oklahoma is 2nd State to Ban Dismemberment Abortions
Meet the Real Abortion Extremists
"That's Not a Baby! That's an Abortion!"
Pro-Lifers on the Attack
8 Abortion Prevention Tips
Rape Does Not Justify Abortion
The Culture Wars vs. the Culture of Life
California Dems to Force Abortion on Crisis Pregnancy Centers?!
Abortion Enslaves Women
Tragic: Abortion "Tutorials"
The Real Science Deniers
House Passes 20-Week Abortion Ban
The Sad Tactics of Pro-Abortionists
Embryos: Persons or Property?
Conclusive Science on Fetal Pain
NY Bans Pro-Life Plates as "Patently Offensive"
Junk Science on Fetal Pain
55% of Americans Want All or Most of Abortions Banned
Young Americans Rethink Abortion
"Give Me $1 Million or I Will Abort My Baby!"
Abortionist "Elated" by Her Work
Planned Parenthood Selling Body Parts
Planned Parenthood's Wine Sipping Butchers
Planned Parenthood is Evil
Of Course Planned Parenthood Sold Baby Parts
Planned Parenthood's Pitiful Defense
Planned Parenthood Sells Dead Baby Parts--You Shouldn't Be Shocked
Sale of Baby Body Parts: Gruesome and Legal
It's Hard to Tell Planned Parenthood from the Nazis
Planned Parenthood & the Institutionalization of Evil
Planned Parenthood Must Testify
The Butchers of Planned Parenthood
The Rhetorical Tear Gas of Planned Parenthood
Buy a Baby's Liver for $24k!
Ideas for Abortion Reporting
Planned Parenthood Whines to Congress
More Planned Parenthood Depravity:  "I Want a Lamborghini"
The Bombshell Planned Parenthood Videos
Planned Parenthood's Lamborghini Babies
The Companies that Fund Planned Parenthood
"Black Lives Matter" Begins in the Womb
Of Course: White House Defends Planned Parenthood
"You Should've Had an Abortion"
Planned Parenthood's History of Scandal
Rand Paul Pushing to Defund Planned Parenthood
Worth More Dead Than Alive?
8 Reasons to End Federal Funding of Planned Parenthood
Billy Graham on the Root of Abortion
Abortion Rhetoric
Palin: Planned Parenthood, Not the Confederate Flag, Killed 90,000 Black Babies in 2014
How Planned Parenthood Killed God
When Planned Parenthood Attacks
Dead Lions & America's Broken Outrage Meter
Abortion Word Games End
Planned Parenthood's Mammogram Lie
Demonic View of "Dignity"
Lib Clergy Praise Planned Parenthood
Yes Planned Parenthood, It's a Boy
Meet the Filmmaker Who's Exposing Planned Parenthood
Cecil, Cecile, & the American Chattering Class
Is Protecting the Unborn the Next Civil Rights Battle?
From 2008: The Greatest Civil Rights Battle of All Time
The Satanic Idolatry of Abortion
Planned Parenthood's Cash Cow
How Porn Hurts the Pro-Life Cause
10 Reasons to Defund Planned Parenthood
Democrats Block Defunding of Planned Parenthood
Pro-Lifers are Today's Abolitionists
Abortion a Holocaust?
Planned Parenthood's Pathetic 3% Lie
Planned Parenthood vs. Jesus
Why Planned Parenthood Will Never Be Transparent
How to Answer the "Abortion is Legal" Argument
Abortion is Not Healthcare
Shut the Government Down Over Planned Parenthood Funding?
The Left's War on Science
The Real Legacy of Planned Parenthood
Where Do Babies Come From?
"I Don't Know if I'm Pro-Choice Anymore"
Meet the Planned Parenthood Clergy
Feds Threaten States Over Planned Parenthood Funding
Abortion is the New Slavery
Stem Express Cuts Ties with Planned Parenthood
Planned Parenthood Targets GOP Senators
"I Regret My Abortion"
Shocking: Baby's Heart Was Beating as His Brain Was Harvested
Planned Parenthood's Goddess Projected Onto Empire State Bldg.
Questions for Abortion Supporters
Congress Can Defund Planned Parenthood
Black Pastors vs. Margaret Sanger
John Wesley and Planned Parenthood
Why They Hate Pro-Lifers So
Satanists & Abortion "Rights"
No Lives Matter if Life Isn't Sacred
Abortion Questions, Pro-Life Answers
Elizabeth Warren Totally Wrong on Planned Parenthood
Planned Parenthood's Foggy Evil
9 Things You Should Know About Margaret Sanger
Black Pastors Protest Smithsonian Bust of Margaret Sanger
Slavery, Hitler & Planned Parenthood
The Left's War on Science
Pure Evil on Display
The Babies With Disabilities Act
Planned Parenthood Atom Bomb
Planned Parenthood's 3% Lie
Planned Parenthood Under Congressional Microscope
Office Depot Refuses Pro-Life Order
Office Depot Apologizes
Race and Margaret Sanger
My Pastor's Girlfriend is an Abortionist
Let's Talk About Race and Abortion
Fiorina's Rousing Denunciation of Planned Parenthood
Where Pope Francis is Right and Wrong on Abortion
Model the Pro-Life Movement After Abolition
House Defunds Planned Parenthood
Canaanites, Child Sacrifice and Abortion
Are You Sure You Want to #Shoutyourabortion?
The Pope Mostly Silent on Abortion
Planned Parenthood CEO Testifies before Congress
LA STD Billboard Ads Target Dating Apps
Back to Science Class for the "Science Guy"
Planned Parenthood's "Cecile the Lyin'"
Pope Francis Should've Been More Like Mother Teresa
Baby Butchers and the Media Butchers
It's the Abortion, Stupid
Liberal Media Protects Pelosi on Abortion
Abortion & the "Fetal Personhood Fallacy"
A Pro-Life View of Death
Planned Parenthood Yelp Reviews that Horrify
Top 5 Planned Parenthood Myths
Warren Buffet Donates Tens-of-Millions to Planned Parenthood
Planned Parenthood Stops Selling Aborted Baby Parts
Violent, Vulgar Pro-Abortion Feminists Attack Praying Men
Does Pro-Life = Gun-Control?
Apostate Clergy "Bless" Abortion Facility
Churches Suing California Over Abortion Mandate
Abortion and Child Sacrifice
Carson Right on Abortion/Slavery Parallels
Defund Dr. Frankenstein!
A New Baby Parts Scandal
China Ends One-Child Policy
We're Burning Babies
Again: Study Links Abortion and Breast Cancer
70% Who Get Abortions Identify as Christians
Why Abortion is Unjust Discrimination
Robert Dear & Abortionists: Two Sides of the Same Coin
Planned Parenthood and those Villainous Christians
The Irony of Planned Parenthood Condemning Murder
Is Pro-Life Rhetoric Deadly?

Anti-Abortion Violence is Not Surging
Liberty Begins With Life
Is Abortion Murder?
The Nativity's Pro-Life Message
Abortion: Today's Three-Fifths Compromise
How an Abortionist Found Joy
NFL Star to Give Pro-Life Speech
The Pro-Abortion "Personally Opposed" Canard
Liberal Clergy in Texas Want to Restore Planned Parenthood Funding
Judge Rules: Utah Can Defund Planned Parenthood
The Late, Great Stem Cell Debate: Pro-Lifers Were Right


What if Fetuses Do Feel Pain?
Planned Parenthood Ignores Science
Induced Abortion and Breast Cancer
In GA 54% of Babies Aborted are Black
Democrat: Abortion a "God-Given" Right
Who's to Blame for Abortion Regret?
Methodists on Abortion
The S.L.E.D. Test for Abortion
AP Can't be Trusted on Abortion
Abortion Zealot: Babies are "Time Sucking Monsters"
America's Dubious Abortion Allies
Horror: Aborted Babies Used for Fuel
Texas Abortion Law Upheld
First Dem Senator to Support 20-Week Abortion Limit
Sex Selective Abortions Are Happening in the U.S.
Abortion a "Gift from God?"
How to Sell Death
Botched Abortion at Boston PP
Global Study: Abortion is "Unacceptable"
Mississippi Abortion Ban
Abortion and the Rape Question
Any Valid Reason for Abortion?
Google Surrenders to NARAL over Crisis Pregnancy Ads
What Abortion Selfies Reveal
Culture of Death Goes Viral
Fetal Pain
A Deal for Death Penalty Opponents
The Devastation of Abortion
The Science of When Life Begins
A Scathing Report on Planned Parenthood
The Bible Verses Planned Parenthood
Sick: Here Comes the "Abortion Comedy"
Miss Pennsylvania a child of Rape
The Reality of Sex-Selective Abortions
Planned Parenthood Caught Again
10 Truths about Planned Parenthood
U. of Chicago Warns Against Pregnancy Care Centers
Young Pro-Lifer Attacked
U.S. Senate Hears of Abortion Risks
Planned Parenthood Caught Again
The Real War on Women
The Cost of Abortion: Trillions
Aborting in the Name of Jesus
Can Christians Support Abortion?
Hope After Abortion
Yes, People Believe Abortion is Murder
Social Justice in an Abortion Culture
Hands Up! Don't Abort!
Is the Abortion Debate Changing?
Cartoons, Abortion, Liberals, and Me
San Francisco Feminism: Go Ahead, Abort Girls
Guilt-Free Abortions?
A Wake-up Call on Obamacare and Abortion
The U.S. has a Femicide Problem
Multiple Studies Link Abortion/Breast Cancer
Pro-Abortionist Prays to "Mother God"
When God Meets an Abortionist
Battling for the Unborn
NAACP: National Assoc. for the Abortion of Colored People
Media Heralds "Powerful" Letter to Child Facing Abortion
Can Atheists be Pro-Life?
California Orders Churches to Fund Abortions
"Shiny, Empty Uteruses"
Shock: More College Students Support "Post-Birth Abortion"
Greatest Civil Rights Issue Today
Powerful Rape/Abortion Testimony
1 in 5 Pregnancies Ends in Abortion
Do Liberals Really Believe That Black Lives Matter?
Abortion and Special Needs Kids
Get Ready for Groundbreaking "March For Life" Event
Having an Abortion Like Having the Flu?
Report: Planned Parenthood Protecting Pedophiles
Millennials Are More Pro-Life Than Their Parents
Arguing Infanticide
Rape Victim Chooses Life
Abortion in Obamacare
The Fruit of Chile's Abortion Ban
Pro-Abortion Blogger Praise Satanists
U.S. Abortion Cartel Imploding
Milwaukee Sheriff: If Black Lives Matter, Protest Abortion
OK Abortionist Scams Women



Rewriting the Abortion Narrative
Komen Caved, or Did It?
Komen and the Abortion Protection Racket
Komen vs. Big Abortion
Totalitarian Feminism and the Smearing of Komen
Catholic Church Vows War on Obama
Handel Resigns from Komen
Planned Parenthood's Hostages
Removing Planned Parenthood's Fig Leaf
Planned Parenthood CEO Advised on Contraception Mandate
One Rape Two Victims
Abortion Zealotry on Display in Virginia
Abortion Experts: Killing babies no different than abortion
After-Birth Abortion: A Call for New Decisions
Texas Defunds Planned Parenthood
Abortion Survivor takes Center Stage in "October Baby"
I Loved Her, but "I Had to Kill Her"
Jimmy Carter: Dems Should Abandon Pro-Abortion Positions
Aborting Women's Rights
The Real War on Women: Sex-Selective Abortions
House Dems Defeat Anti-Gendercide Bill
Planned Parenthood Again Caught Advocating Gendercide
Abortion and Human Rights
Obama's Zeal for Abortion
Abortion and Rape
Tactically Tackling Abortion
New Poll: Most Americans Pro-Life
Holding Firm on Abortion
If You're Anti-Abortion, You're Anti-Woman?





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